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Lesson Plan:
Defining Technology
(Also available at http://coe.nevada.edu/ckeeler/Computers/Lessons/LP_Defining_Technology.html)

Students will:
  • Become familiar with KidPix.
  • Know the course expectations.
  • Define “technology.”
  • Differentiate between teacher productivity and instructional tools.
  • Adeptly format word processing documents using standard formatting tools (e.g., font, justification).
NETS-T Standards:

1A. Teachers demonstrate introductory knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts related to technology.


Before students arrive, open KidPix on all computers in the classroom.

Stand at the door and individually greet students. Introduce yourself, learn their names, and encourage students to get to know one another. Have each student review their contact information in the instructor's address book and take a photo of themselves for the address book using Photo Booth.

Sponge Activity: “Using KidPix to Describe Feelings about Technology” (20 minutes)

As students enter the class, invite each to choose a computer (Mac or PC based on personal preference) and hand them a paper with directions reading: “Have fun using KidPix to describe how you feel about technology. When done, save your work in a manner that will allow you to access it from somewhere else on campus, but keep it on your screen. Then, move around the room viewing what your classmates created. The rules are: (1) Be creative and honest. (2) Feel free to ask anyone for help and to help others.”

Once all students finish, have them walk around the room viewing the work of their peers. Then, ask the following questions:
  • How did it make you feel to express yourself using KidPix?
  • If your class of elementary students were familiar with KidPix, what similar types of activities could you do with them?
Segue into the course content by noting that this course is designed to prepare future elementary teachers to incorporate technology into their courses.

Opening (2 minutes)
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Announce the daily objectives
  • Announce the daily outline
Lecture: Review Syllabus (10 minutes)
  • Provide each student with a course business card.
  • Have each student link to the course website and look at the syllabus and course outline (note that both are subject to change)
  • Review the course structure, readings, expectations, and assessment procedures
  • Discuss requirements for class participation
Lecture/Discussion (20 minutes) - See lecture slides/notes
  • Ask students what technology means.
  • Define technology.
  • Ask students what technologies are available in PreK-8 classrooms.
  • Have students brainstorm ways teachers use technology. Enter their answers into a word processing document.
  • Differentiate between productivity and instructional tools.
  • Have students identify which of the items they brainstormed were productivity and which were instructional tools. Separate these into a table in a word processing document.

Describe the “Technology Journey I” assignment and encourage them to use word processing features when and where appropriate in their upcoming papers. Create a document similar to what they will create containing the features below. (See example.)

• Font type, size, color, and style
• Justification
• Spacing
• Tabs
• Page set-up
• Headers/footers
• Bullets
• Toolbars
• View size
• Tables
• Spell checking
• Grammar checking
• Dictionary/Thesaurus
• Track changes

Invite students to stay after class if there are any demonstrated features they do not feel competent they could use independently. I will plan to stay after class to assist those students lacking these skills.

Closure (3 minutes)
  • Review daily objectives and outline
  • Assign readings
  • Remind students to keep back-ups of all documents (from this or other courses) they feel they may want to later include in their e-portfolios
  • Remind students of the due date for the Technology Journey I – Draft
  • Tell students video I and video II of the Word demonstration are available online
Note: Send out first week follow-up email this week.