Provide an introduction to this section. Then list and hyperlink each of your favorites, describing each site.

Favorite Software

KidPix is a drawing program designed for children. Child-friendly icons and audio help features create an easy-to-use platform to introduce very young children to art and technology skills. Children may use this program to create pictures (including pre-made or self-designed backgrounds and clipart) and may combine pictures to create slideshows and animation.

Inspiration allows children and adults to create concept maps. Easy to use icons allow users to quickly insert new ideas and to organize content. Once created, content is available in both a visual concept map as well as in outline format. Within visual format, it is possible to add pictures (stock as well as individually-loaded). Some wonderful educational features include the ability to hide and show information so students may use the program to simulate flashcards and the ability to export the concept map and outline into a word processing program. Once exported, students may work with the outline forming sentences to prepare essays.

Favorite Websites

Scholastic's Community Club
Students are introduced to various community helpers (e.g., police officer, mayor, veternarian) by clicking through several screens and reading/hearing information about the job. At the end, they take a quiz and receive a certificate.

My Wonderful World
This is a site dedicated to increasing educator, parents, and student interest in geography. It argues why children need to learn geography and provides resources for making that geography learning occur.

History Buff
Using primary source documents, this site "focuses on how news of major events were reported in newspapers of the time."